Selections from The Voyage

A Mystical Journey of American Celtic Folk Rock

1.  Black Rose - A young immigrant Irish girl and her struggle to survive any way she could, alone on the hard, cold city streets.                     (56 K)          (384 K)

2.  Spirit of the Woodland
- Every year, on November 1st, falls the very ancient Celtic holiday, Samhain (pronounced sowen).  On this night, between the hours of midnight and dawn, the thin veil that separates this world from the "Otherworld" can lift, allowing strange relations between human and immortals.  In this case, a young woman falls in love with a beautiful forest spirit man, half-human and half-oak tree.  At the time of writing this piece, I did not know of this classical legend, so I feel it is yet again, further proof of the existence of a fairy realm reaching out through the mist to connect with our modern world.

3.  The Voyage -
A rocking sea shanty, dedicated to my great grandfather, Nathan Gaythan Thomas, who was a Welsh sea captain.                      (56 K)          (384 K)

4.  Has Anybody Seen Mary? - This song was performed for the Famine Mass at Brothers of Saint Patrick, where the Consul General of Ireland presided.  It is a heart aching tale of lost children who came over the Atlantic Ocean, alone, in coffin ships.  It is a historical fact that thousands of little ones were never reunited with their searching, grieving parents, upon reaching our shores, due to the poor communications of the time.

5.  Istu Mo Croi' -
("You are my heart" in Gaelic.)  A song of love and separation that transcends life itself.

6.  Zula's Dream -
A true, family account of the psychic power of dreams.

7.  The Widow -
A somebody-done-somebody-wrong song.

8.  Traveller -
Tells the story of a notorious, modern day Irish traveller (gypsy) and his romantic misadventures.

9.  Quilting Bee -
Based on an old folk legend from the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, about a woman who had borne just about enough from her man.

10. Black Is The Color -
A bluesy rendition of the Welsh traditional folk song, featuring Phil Ernst on electric guitar.                                               (56 K)          (384 K) 

11. Civil War Lament -
Traditional, chronicling the part the Irish soldier, new to American soil, played in the war between the states.




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